Glassby-Wedding-breakfast-detail Live Sketching and weddings work perfectly together. I get to spend a day drawing a group of  friends and family who are all gathered for a common happy purpose. (That's what I like to draw anyway) You get a unique record of your special day in the form of a finished original sketchbook and at least one piece of original, personal, and unique artwork to display in your home or give to those who need thanking afterwards. wedding-car

Here's my wedding sketching gallery; click on any image for a larger view:

How it works on the day

This is live sketching, so I need to be at the wedding. I'll be unobtrusive, though, and won't ask any guests to pose for me. I will normally fill an A4 sketchbook during the day. I can stay between 4 and 8 hours, depending on what you want. The last dance is usually the point when I call it a day. The most useful moments for sketching are during drinks and mingling, the reception, and the speeches, but I'll also draw what I can during the ceremony, the dancing, and whatever else you have planned. Kate-and-Simon-mingling-detail The key thing you need to be prepared for is serendipity. I can't guarantee to draw every guest or to catch any particular scene. There are lots of variables involved and we'll get the best results if I go with the flow. Also, adding in extra faces in the studio tends to kill off the life and energy that makes live sketching special. So I'd recommend you rely on a photographer to make sure everyone is included. They are generally bossier than me. Kelly-wedding-tea-w-top-table

What happens after that

I'll take the sketchbook home with me, and then when you're ready, we can meet up and go through the possibilities. It's usually possible to digitally combine several sketches, such as different tables at the reception, into one large composition. This is then digitally coloured and printed on archival paper. I can also organise framing if you prefer. There will also be lots of individual sketches which can be scanned and coloured to produce smaller prints. I can also scan all the sketches and upload them to a private web page where your friends and family can view them via a link and place their own orders for prints. Once all the scanning is complete, you keep the sketchbook as a record of the day. A large framed composition might be delivered 4-6 weeks after our initial discussion. bride-and-bridesmaids

What it costs

For a package including sketching on the day, completed sketchbook, and a framed print up to 90cm wide, the cost is ¬£700. You will also have a private online gallery to share with family and friends. Additional prints cost as little as ¬£25. Whatever your budget, don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat.   marquee